The Anna’s Hummingbirds have picked up their feeding activity in recent days as they introduce the newest members of their family to the feeders. It has been interesting to watch the adult/offspring dynamics with regards to the feeders. Occasionally a young bird failed to display its respect to the adults and would occupy a feeder when it shouldn’t have. The adult birds would promply chase the youngsters off the feeder scolding them as they vanished out of sight.

In one incident where a youngster fed out of order an adult bird chased the youngster off, but this time, the adult continued to hover over the youngster and kept the young bird well below the feeders. This action continued and as the young bird attempted to move towards the feeders the adult lowered and guided the young bird away from the feeders. I suspect that the adult and young bird were probably related. This appeared to be a case of mom teaching the youngster a few table manners.   


The adult  female Anna’s Hummingbird drinking water at the fountain almost appeared to be more for sport than necessity since a bird bath full of water was only a few feet from the fountain. The bird would position itself in various positions around the falling water seemingly to calulate the angle of attack and capture. After much analysis the bird finally made a number of passes successfully capturing the water.


One of the youngsters held at bay by the adults took refuge in Judy’s HarryLauder Walking-stick tree blending in quite well with the disruptive background of the tree.




A new combination take-out restaurant opened close to our home recently – Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver’s . . . . YUM, YUM!

After a long day today, Judy asked if Kentucky Fried Chicken sounded good to me for dinner. I gave my standard answer, “I don’t care!” A response which provides no answer or information to the question asked.

We have been very good about eating healthy since our arrival in California. When we first arrived we gorged ourselves on In-and-Out burgers and fries since Judy could order gluten-free items there. It is a great franchise  and we highly recommend In-and Out, we simply have burned-out from overuse.

I gave Carl’s Jr, Jack-in-the-BoxDel Taco, and Der Wienerschnitzel each a one time try soon after our arrival to California. All of those venues immediately fell into the YUCK! category and there will be no return visits.

I arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken/Long John Silver’swith only one customer in front of me. She was taking an enormous amount of time ordering and I kept thinking here is another unorganized individual that can’t make up their mind and requiring a lot of coaching. As she finally finished her order she asked the clerk if they had a take-0ut menu so she wouldn’t take so much time next time. The stoic-faced young male clerk simply said, “No!” I mentioned to the woman that there was a menu online and she thanked me. After all, Icame prepared to make my order simply and quickly with my printed-out online menu. I had done my research – I was ready!

May I have your order please, here or take-out,” the expressionless clerk asked? “Ah, take-out,” I stated. “Order please,” the monotone personality asked? After looking up at the very confusing order menu, split down the middle, Kentucky Fried Chicken on the left and Long John Silver’s on the right with “SIDES MENU” bridging the two exclusive entities I realized that my printed-out online menu was going to be no help at all.  I crumpled it up and placed it back in my pocket.

Judy wanted some Kentucky Fried Chicken so I placed that order and selected the “sides” and drink and HAL(2001 Space Odyssey) spoke once more, “Anything else?” Since I hadn’t ordered my meal and was leaning towards the fish side I said, “Yes!” I explained that I would like to order a fish platter and what were the options? “Do you want to pay for this order first, and your next order separately,” HAL asked? “No,no one order please, and where do I find the sides for my fish order?” I was instructed that the sides were the same for both the chicken half of the menu and the fish half of the menu. That’s when I recalled that the sides menu did bridge the KFC/LJS selection menu apparently it had a purpose. Both the KFC and LJS menus offered chicken, but it wasn’t the same chicken. The KFC chicken looked like chicken, bu the LJS chicken looked like the fish, which really didn’t look like fish at all. I finally finished placing my order, after taking up just as much time as the woman ordering before me had, and paid for my order, HAL handed me my receipt, “YOU ARE ORDER #38, THANK YOU, NEXT!

Judy’s selection was typical KFC and looked delicious. My selection was “fried stuff” and once I found the fish and removed it from its encrusted case of fried stuff,  it was somewhat edible. I always thought Hush Puppies were shoes that I wore and had to buff up with a special little bag. I’m sure the shoes were named after hush puppies food item (similar color and shape?) and I don’t find the food version to be something I would go out of my way to seek, but then I don’t like hominy either. If there is a next time I will stick to the KFC side of the menu!

Perhaps simple sugar water presents the best feeding strategy but then that seems to come with its own complicated set of rules and hierarchy.

The Adventure Continues

Jim, Judy, and VELCRO

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